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Transparent Pricing

Firstly, advice and assistance at the police station is free of charge regardless of your means.  If the police want to talk to you, talk to us first!

If you are privately funding your case, worrying about costs is the last thing you need.  If you are not eligible for Legal Aid then we can represent you privately and in most cases we can agree a fixed fee. 


A fixed fee is exactly that.  A fixed charge for representation.  You will not pay more or less regardless of the time it takes to resolve your matter.  A fixed fee arrangement can bring peace of mind with regards to costs.

Below is a list of services that our experts can provide with the fixed cost.  

  • Exceptional Hardship Application - £500.00 plus VAT

  • Special reasons argument - £500.00 - £700.00 plus VAT 

  • Advice on appeal from the Magistrates' Court - £150.00 plus VAT

  • Attending the Magistrates' Court - guilty plea - £400.00 plus VAT

  • Magistrates' Court trial - £600 - £1,500.  95% of our cases come within this range.  

  • Representation in the Crown Court - Committal for sentence (guilty plea) £500 - £1,500.  Most committal for sentence cases are straightforward.  You will require expert advice to help you get the best result.  For instance, perfecting mitigating submissions on your behalf or negotiating a basis of plea.  You will need advice and assurance as to what you can expect to happen at the Crown Court as well as support and guidance on the day.  Most importantly assistance with putting forward the reasons behind what has happened and ensuring that you have a say and can present your side to the Court.  There is no need to pay expensive fees to solicitors and a barrister in most cases.  Speak to us first.

  • Crown Court trial representation.  We can represent you at Court ourselves and we can also instruct Counsel to represent you.  Our knowledge of local courts and the barristers that regularly attend Court will be invaluable in selecting the right lawyer to take on your case.  Counsel's fees vary.  Call us.

Fees not included

The fixed fee does not include the following costs:

  • Interpreter costs

  • High travel costs

  • Counsel's fees (if required)

  • Court costs

  • Disbursements such as mileage, copying, travel costs etc

  • Expert witness costs

How long will the case take?

It is difficult to say but once we understand your case we can provide you with a very good idea of when your case will be concluded.  Most Magistrates cases are concluded within 6 months.

If you are in any doubt please email us or telephone us and we can let you know, in complete confidence, all your options and the likely costs of assistance.

Exceptional Hardship Information

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