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Credence Law Limited 

We can assist you in respect of all criminal law matters.  From the outset of the case, beginning with the police station and the Magistrates' Court, right through to the Crown Court and beyond if necessary.  Contact one of our offices on the number below to see how we can help.​

Would you like to speak to a criminal law specialist?  Call us now.




Peer Review  

Providers of legal aid are subject to Peer Reviews. In 2022, our Peer Reviewer awarded Credence Law Group the highest possible score of ‘Excellent’.  Here’s what the reviewer said about our work:


"Credence Law Group ‘offers a consistently high quality of service to its clients across a broad range of defence work. Cases were well prepared, and clients given comprehensive advice and assistance both at an early stage and throughout."


"Credence Law dealt with vulnerable clients in a commendable manner, tailoring advice and assistance appropriately and working well with the clients, their families, intermediaries and the Liaison and Diversion Service. The Provider achieved positive outcomes for these clients on cases which were not always straightforward."


"Court files were also of a high standard..."

 "...thorough preparation in the Magistrates’ Court, including chasing the prosecution for outstanding material where appropriate, which coupled with strong advocacy skills ensured good results for the clients."

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Cambridge 01223 852191

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